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Greater Atlanta Chapter
IBM Quarter Century Club
Advisory Board

We on your board for 2018 are proud to make your QCC as successful as possible. But, we never forget that without your involvement, there would be no Atlanta QCC. Please use the links below to contact one or more of your board members.

Co-President: Vic Mazza
(404) 432-2327
Contact Vic Mazza)
Co-President: Walt Vignault
Contact Walt Vignault)    
Treasurer: Bill Long
(678) 592-6638
Contact Bill Long)    
Co-President: Jimmy Ku
(Contact Jimmy Ku)
WebMaster, E-Mail blasts: George Turner
(404) 483-9869
(Contact George Turner
Special Events: Tom Satterlee
(Contact Tom Satterlee)
Board Member at Large: Ed Eckert
(770) 998-0231
(Contact Ed Eckert)
Board Member at Large: Ronda Rattray
Contact Ronda Rattray)    
Membership: Open

Contact )    
Board Member at Large: Bob Axt
(770) 998-2365
Contact Bob Axt)    
Board Member at Large: Carolyn Hampton
Contact Carolyn Hampton)    
Board Member at Large: Jack Sanders
(770) 973-7333
(Contact Jack Sanders)
Board Member at Large: Kristine Guest
(770) 973-3996
(Contact Kristine Guest)
Board Member Emeritus: Bob Slaney
(813) 641-7674
Contact Bob Slaney)
Board Member Emeritus: Mike McGuire
(678) 637-5944
(Contact Mike McGuire)
Postal address: IBM Quarter Century Club Atlanta
P.O. Box 28546
Atlanta, GA 30358

Updated September 21, 2017