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Greater Atlanta Chapter
IBM Quarter Century Club

Using the QCC Web Site

Please visit our site frequently. It will be updated regularly. If you check at the bottom of each page, you will see the last time that page was updated.

Tips for Viewing this site

This site has been tested in three browsers. If your content is too large or too small, IE 7 and Firefox support the use of Ctrl- for smaller and Ctrl+ for larger. IE 7 scales graphics too, which is really neat. With IE 6, you can scale your text from the View dropdown at the top of the Browser page. Click View, then click Text size and then select the size you prefer.

Occasionally, you should refresh the content using the refresh button or F5 to see the new content (browsers save pages you have seen in order to load them faster; however, they do not automatically update page content). The browsers, listed in the webmaster's order of preference for viewing this site, are:

  • Internet Explorer 8.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0

If you have any suggestions to improve this website, please contact the webmaster, George Turner.

Last updated August 12, 2015