IBM Atlanta QCC Zoom Webinar on IBM's upcoming Health Insurance Benefit changes

Dear IBM Atlanta QCC Members:

Good morning. Many of you (Atlanta QCC members) should have received our 10/20/22 webinar YouTube recording below from George Turner yesterday. Since there are about 32 of you who are not a member of our Atlanta QCC organization, you did not receive the webinar recording yesterday. Since I'm also including other helpful info in my email, I'm forwarding this webinar recording to all 178 of you.

Thank you all for signing up to our 10/22/22 webinar and many thanks to those 149 of you who were able to participate in the webinar live last week. Thank you also to many of you who have provided feedback to us about the excellent presentation by Keith Nabb.

Besides the recording, please also find the attached 2 IBM & United Healthcare documents since some of you have not received them from IBM yet. The 2nd document has the dates for the remaining IBM & UNH's virtual meetings from 10/31/22 to 11/4/22.

IBM_United Healthcare Frequent Asked Questions.pdf

IBM_United Healthcare Virtual Meetings.pdf

Listed below is the contact information for Keith Nabb. If you have non-IBM retiree friends who need help to sign up to Medicare, please keep Keith in mind. Also if you are staying with your current Medicare Advantage (e.g. Humana, Aetna, etc.) or Supplement plans but you would like Keith to be your agent, Keith will be happy to work with you. Thanks all.

  • About Our IBM Atlanta QCC Club

    Our club was formed many years ago to promote social and community activities for current and former IBM employees with 25 years of service or more. Our club receives no funding from or sponsorship by IBM. We do thank IBM for allowing us to use their auditorium for our annual meetings.

    Our purpose is to enjoy one another's companionship while participating in our many social and volunteer activities.

    We recruit new members from the recently inducted QCC list provided by IBM Atlanta. However, we rely heavily on our membership to encourage eligible IBMers to join our Club. We also count on all members to contribute their ideas, suggestions, and their time for volunteer activities.

    Membership is voluntary and while you must qualify as an IBM Quarter Century employee, membership in the Atlanta QCC is not an automatic extension of IBM's 25 year qualification. You must join our chapter and pay the annual dues which are currently $10.00 per year.



If you are not a member of our club but you have qualified for the IBM Quarter Century Club, you are eligible to join our social club. Please complete a Membership Application form below. If you have questions, please e-mail George Turner.

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    If you want to update your e-mail address, send an e-mail to George Turner with your new e-mail address and start keeping up with the exciting things we are doing as a club.

IBM Quarter Century Club Atlanta Membership Application From

  • Annual membership dues are $10.00.
  • Please complete the application online and submit. After you submitted, you will receive a copy of the appliation form in your email box.
  • Mail the printed application email to the address below with your check for $10.00 made out to Atlanta Chapter IBM QCC:
  • IBM Quarter Century Club Atlanta
  • C/O Peggy Rogers
  • 1648 Musket Ridge NW
  • Atlanta, GA 30327
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  • The online directory is available to all active members. If you are not a member of our club, or you are inactive, you will have to join in order to be able to access the QCC directory.

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the directory. To download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click this link.

  • Note: The directory is available online to enable active QCC members to find and connect with one another. It is not to be used for marketing purposes under any circumstances.

  • Our directory is secured by a userid and password. The password will change periodically and will be sent out in an e-mail blast. Please send an e-mail to George Turner to request the id and password if you have misplaced them.

  • If you know the userid and password, Please input password below then click Directory button to download a copy of the current membership directory.

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